Thursday, August 19, 2010


Now this is Mistress Bianca standing....... lovely slender legs and gorgeous arse .

She knows that to enhance the 'man-melting' power of these two weapons of hers , she dons Fully Fashioned Nylon stockings with seams & tri band welts and sumptuous vintage style lingerie AND the all time classic of sex shoe :- the black patent leather Domina pump with 6" heel , these sinister creatures are favourites of many Mistress as their classic closed heel and toe design allow Champagne and other various fluids to be dispensed out of them and into their captive slaves !

Now this is Mistress Bianca sitting

Very nice shot indeed , legs and calves in their nylon sheaths seem a little fuller ...sexier

Now this is Mistress Bianca in a ........LEG CROSS !!!!

Now that's what a call a transformation , in the leg cross here her legs take on an incredible sexy shapeliness about them that cannot be ignored . The muscle and flesh of the upper leg is pushed upward and fills out to produce an extremely sensuous contour line from dipping under her dress right down to the very tip of her stiletto toe point ...its a very classic pose .

The lower leg being pressurised by the upper leg forces a subtle striation between her quadriceps and hamstring

Look at the beautiful contours of her upper thighs accentuated by the hypnotic lines of her stockings welts and the seam that is just so erotic making its powerful lineage known .

Thanks to the shear gossamer effect of the 15 Denier nylon her legs are transformed into something beyond just legs , its a veritable light and shade show that gives a fullness and shape not only to her gorgeous legs here but to any male crotches that may be lucky enough to be within viewing radius

So Ladies if you want ot instantly transform your legs into traffic stopping man melters , just sit yourself down and cross them up ..........

it truly is


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ayran Goddess

Unfortunately i couldnt get this pic to save correctly as it was attched to a social media site , but the good news is when i commented on this beautiful sexy pic of the 'Fetish Queen' saying that i would love to see a similar pose with her stilettoes on this is what she sent me !!!!

What a stunner she is , gorgeous , gorgeous , GORGEOUS legs and body and magic pose that really brings out the best in this lady . Just look how she presents her legs , she knows that the best way to melt a man down is to select some quality black stockings but , but, BUT ....she wears them to maximum effect ,.... that is high up on the thighs to encase and transform all of her gorgeous legs with the 'contuor enhancing' nylon .

And THANK YOU Ma'am for completeing the leg shot with the classic sinister black stilettos , they are the sexiset items available to wear with your nylons AND are voted as the World's No 1 Fetish Item in a recent world wide survey

PLEASE study the look of power on her face , there is a supreme confidence oozing out of her , most men i have ever talked to agree that it is the face , and facial expressions that are the most erogenous organ of the female body . The Fetsh Goddess exudes a power from her face , it says that she knows you cant resist her , that her feminine form will seduce you down and she can do what ever she wishes with you .

The confidence in her face is intoxicating

She IS a Fetish Goddess .... so it is of no surprise to me that she trades on these fetishes and is seen here in a very seductive leather mini skirt ( to show off her legs) and has tantalising nails to boot

What a lovely Lady and a good sport too ,to obligue us with pics to blog about her ....... if you want to see more of this Queen of German Erotica go to

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Following on from my last blog ...can you imagine how sensual it would be to be re-incarnated as a garter clasp ????????

I always wanted come back as a pair of Fully Fashoned Nylon stockings(FFNs) and to be slowly and very seductively rolled up over my Mistress's legs ...feeling and hugging the warm , velvet softness of her flesh ,finally being clasped up high up on her thighs , dangerously close to her feminity .

The reason i say a pair of FFNs , is because the women that choose to wear these gossimer delicacies , are completely in touch with thier own eros ...they know that there is nothing more sensual or erotic to devastate their admirers

If you think about Sardax's image above lovely it would be to be .......

Mr GARTER ............

.... "I gets to feel the warmest part of his Mistress's leg and thighs BUT and I also have the mind blowing delicacy of being tantalized with her prodding and probing fingertips ............ pushed and pulled, shoved and plied into place with her fingers and thumbs and clipped ,directed and flickered by her gorgeous , sexy nails .............. oh the warmth of her beautiful flesh , trapped and bound to her welt ectasy beyond compare for the leg lover ...or just the lover of the elegant female

IMAGINE IF YOU WILL the hightend arousal of this most FemDom position my captor has placed me in !!!

Imagine the soft folds of her skin pressing against you , feel the heat of her flesh as she moves , you are captivated just under her Little Black Dress as it swishes over you clasped to her stocking tops cannot escape the haunting rasps of her nylon clad legs as they kiss together as she walks or teases you with her seated leg crosses ...... and all the while you are inescapable to the intoxicating scent of her and the musky humidity that eminates from the temperate zone of her loins........... aaaahhhh.... what could be more lovely than a life lived like this in absolute dutiful servitude to my elegant owner trapped high up upon her beautiful legs with unsurpassed vistas of all things feminine

Sometimes when i've been naughty or have been caught ogling just a little too much , she'll harness me up back-to-front so my face is smothered into her legs , so i am blinded and struggle for breath .................... she thinks this is punishment , but i dont mind it actually , because she never really notices when i very slowly and gently move my lips and kiss the hot flesh of her legs and on the rear gater straps i get to tickle her with my toes and kiss her bottom .....mmmmmmmmm isnt easy being Mr Garter !"

see more of Sardax at (please dont reproduce his image here without his permission


Dont you just LOVE they way a camera can catch the 'magic' the human eye rarely perceives !!!!!!

here our gorgeous model is unclasping the outer metal stay of her gater clasp ... i can almost hear the audlble "snap" as the rubber under knob is released from its beautiful prison

I wish to be reincarnated as a garter clasp in a future life

stay tuned for exactly that fantasy from the genius himself

Sardax in his pic called " Mister Garter "

Monday, July 27, 2009


thank you Coco Chanel for the LBD Little Black Dress

magic views of a very elegant lady with FFNs and 6-7" classic Domina stilletos

the simplistic elegance of this clip cannot be denied

legs from Sardax

this pic is titled 'Forcefeeding' and is by the world's foremost FemDom artist , Sardax from London , it a reproduction of his original commission he did for Leg Show Magazine based out of the US

How terrible it would be to be made to eat and drink in this manner , straight off gorgeous stockinged legs !!!!!

i dont know why the man looks so upset ....i would be in Heaven........ no doubt the ladies have more sinnister things in mind for him that he is aware of

Beautiful work by the master himself see more of Sardax at

please do not reproduce this image without his authority

stay tuned for more from Sardax

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


JO here in this clip puts on some awesome leg moves

very sexy legs made all that more alluring by her very sensible selection of black Fully Fashion Nylons FFN .... Nice


If only she had had the sense to have pick that dress in black ....would have rampted up the sensuality factor massively

HOWEVER still a perfect example of legs and the way she uses them should be practiced by all aspiring seductresses

Thank you JO........ you can see more of Jo at